Spring on the Coast

Celebrate spring's arrival on the Sunshine Coast. The season brings mild temperatures and fewer crowds, along with a cacophony of sight and sound—from surging waterfalls brought on by the snow melt to early flower blooms that bring warmth to the landscape. Paddle along rugged shorelines or plan a spring break getaway with the whole family in tow. Seasonal events usher in a welcome buzz to coastal communities while winding trails lead to still-secluded beaches and parks.

Spring Flora & Fauna

The Sunshine Coast's landscapes are as scenic as they come, and in spring they burst forth in a vibrant array of colours. Public parks and botanical gardens feature florals from the yellow-tinged hue of daffodils and the deep blush of purple crocuses in early spring to rhododendrons and magnolia trees in shades of pink and white later in the season. Seashores show off shimmering blues while lush, verdant forests are painted with gorgeous greens.

Head to the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden to see these early blooms, or community parks including Hackett Park in Sechelt, Winegarden Waterfront Park in Gibsons, and the Triangle Gardens in Powell River. Easy forest strolls cut through pine- and cedar-scented forests, with many leading to scenic viewpoints and waterfalls. Stretch your legs along the Okeover Trail in Lund or on paths in Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek, Millenium Park in Powell River, and Soames Hill near Gibsons.

Spring also brings migratory birds to the region. Popular areas to bird include Sargeant Bay Provincial Park, the Sechelt wetland marsh, estuaries in Roberts Creek, Porpoise Bay and Lang Creek, and the Ruby Lake Lagoon. And for the most enthusiastic birders, consider a boat tour to Mitlenatch Island Nature Park off the coast of Lund, which is home to the largest seabird colony in the Strait of Georgia.

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Rushing Waterfalls

Spring is one of the best times to see waterfalls on the Sunshine Coast. As the snow melts in the high alpine, its runoff creates a torrent of water that surges through rivers and streams to waterfalls below. These cascades are tucked throughout the forest, offering picturesque backdrops for unforgettable hikes. Burnett Falls in Sechelt, Kelly Falls in Powell River, and Langdale Falls near Gibsons are all relatively short and moderate, but reward with classically scenic, picture-perfect waterfalls.

Other waterfalls are best viewed from the air or by boat. A tour of Princess Louisa Inlet with Sunshine Coast Air or Harbour Air, or boat operators like Egmont Adventure Centre and Sunshine Coast Tours, offers views of more than 60 waterfalls including the majestic Chatterbox Falls.


After the chill of winter, spring's gentle warmth encourages coastal fun. A paddling trip is a great way to embrace the season's mild weather and quiet, serene beauty. Whether you're an avid kayaker or a novice paddleboarder, the Sunshine Coast's 180-kilometre-long coastline offers the perfect playground for your aquatic adventures. Glide along the crystal-clear waters, explore hidden coves, and experience the soothing rhythms of nature.

Dip your paddle in the many freshwater lakes that surround Pender Harbour and Powell River and break for lunch at sleepy beaches. Islands of all sizes border the Sunshine Coast and make for ideal day and overnight trips by kayak. Look for birds on a multi-day expedition in the marine-life-rich islets of Desolation Sound, or paddle to sandy shores dotting Sechelt Inlet. Operators offer seasonal packages and gear rentals to help you make the most of your time on the water.

Family & Spring Break Getaways

Plan a stress-free family retreat to the Sunshine Coast. Whether you're a ferry ride away, down the road, or coming by air, the easy-going, laid-back pace of the Sunshine Coast makes spring break getaways a breeze. You'll find outdoor recreation and activities for all ages, roomy accommodations that can fit your whole crew, and restaurants with menu options to please a crowd.

Pack a picnic and enjoy spring's sun-kissed beaches for a day of seaside fun. Bonniebrook Beach in Gibsons, Porpoise Bay in Sechelt, and Willingdon Beach in Powell River are popular spots for families, all located close to downtowns and nearby parks and playgrounds. Families that prefer two-wheeled fun can take advantage of spring's tacky dirt and quiet corners on local trails in Gibsons' Sprockids Park (it even has a skills park where young riders can hone their techniques), on the B&K Trails in Roberts Creek, or at the Duck Lake trails in Powell River.

Looking for indoor activities? The Tidepools Aquarium in Gibsons displays marine life from local waters and will keep curious minds entertained for hours. Kids can also burn off energy at bouldering and rock climbing gyms like Strait Up Climbing in Sechelt, or at an indoor public pool in Gibsons, Sechelt, Powell River, and Pender Harbour.

Spring Events

Across the Sunshine Coast, weekly trivia nights and live music occur at local breweries and cideries, while art exhibitions and performances take over galleries, stages, and theatres. Seasonal farmers’ markets begin to kick off in the spring, and some much-anticipated annual events make their return.

The annual Townsite Jazz Festival will have you tapping toes to some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians in intimate venues throughout Powell River's historic neighbourhood. The Marathon Shuffle, also held in Powell River, is a spring tradition for locals looking to shake off winter's slumber. Hike, run, or "shuffle" your way along 27 kilometres of the stunningly scenic Sunshine Coast Trail. There's also the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Performing Arts in Sechelt and the Powell River Festival of the Performing Arts, both of which host a variety of talented performers in all disciplines. Visit our calendar of events to keep up-to-date with what's happening.


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