Grocery & Specialty Food Shops

Whether you need supplies for a weekend at the cabin or a picnic in the park, you can stock up at grocery stores across the Sunshine Coast. Towns like Gibsons, Sechelt, and Powell River offer multiple places to shop, while smaller communities, such as Roberts Creek and Lund may only have one or two.

In between, you'll find general stores—often on islands and in more remote pockets of the Sunshine Coast—which operate as de facto community gathering hubs and places where visitors can purchase snacks, alcohol, pantry staples, and essential items. Butcher shops, fishmongers, and zero-waste markets can also be found here on the Coast.

Looking to bring home a taste of the Sunshine Coast? Specialty food stores across the Coast offer unique and premium food products such as olive oil, chocolates, preserves, honey, cheese, coffee and teas, and more. Find them in most downtown cores and shopping areas.

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