Become a Stakeholder

By becoming a Registered Stakeholder with Sunshine Coast Tourism Society and partnering with us, you become part of the broader Sunshine Coast Tourism community, enabling you and other industry partners to collaborate and collectively reach a promotional level that no one business could achieve individually. 

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A few important notes before you get started:

  • Please read the SCT – Tourism Stakeholder Criteria to see if your business qualifies as a VOTING or NON-VOTING stakeholder.
  •  Please review our Privacy Policy, which you’ll be asked to agree to at the beginning of the stakeholder registration form.

Stakeholder Registration Form

We are working on a new stakeholder sign up process. In the meantime, please complete the following steps:

Stakeholder Registration

By checking the box below, I affirm that I have read the Stakeholder Criteria (linked above this form) and my business/organization is operating within its accordance.

(See link to our Privacy Policy at the top of this form) By checking the box below, I agree to the privacy policy:

Please enter the physical address of the business/organization. If you are a mobile service or otherwise do not have a physical address/storefront, please leave this blank.

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Please select the community where your business operates. If you are a mobile service, you can select from the regional service options at the bottom of the list.

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If you are unsure if you are a registered stakeholder or require any assistance, please email us at