Outdoor Activities

The Sunshine Coast is synonymous with adventure. Deeply ingrained in our local culture, we love the outdoors and desire to protect our natural spaces for generations to come. We’ve got it all—a 180-kilometre stretch of coastline and freshwater lakes to paddle, temperate rainforest to hike through, mountain peaks to snowshoe in the winter, gravity-fed trails to bike all year long, and so much more. 

Safe & Responsible Recreation

We offer our warmest welcome to the Sunshine Coast and invite you to help us protect the region for many more generations of enjoyment. Here are a few key ways you can make an impact:

  • Stay safe: before you adventure, learn how to avoid conflicts with wildlife and plan ahead using AdventureSmart’s tips and tools. 
  • Check local restrictions: both for campfires and water usage. The Sunshine Coast has experienced extreme drought in summers past, and you are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with any current fire bans and water usage restrictions.
  • Pack it in, pack it out: no one wants to see litter at the beach, in the ocean, in remote mountain areas, or anywhere else. If you brought it there, it should leave with you. This goes for organics, too—such as banana peels or chicken bones.
  • Keep your pets leashed (except in designated off-leash areas): help protect local wildlife and reduce the chance for conflict. Pick up your pet’s waste, too!
  • Respect your Indigenous Hosts: stick to designated trails and camping areas. Wandering off trail likely means you are disturbing Indigenous cultural sites or impacting other cultural rights and titles or traditions.
  • Drive safely: many recreational areas are accessed via forest service roads (FSR), and it’s important that you safely share the road with industrial logging trucks and that your vehicle is suited for gravel and 4x4 terrain. Most tow trucks will not service FSR.
  • Pay your fees: if you’re planning to go backcountry camping, make sure you are aware of and pay any fees. Similarly, if you’re planning to use local trails, consider donating to local trail groups so that they can continue their excellent work.


Looking for more information on how to safely and responsibly recreate on the Sunshine Coast? Check out the following resources:


Our majestic old growth forests and mountain and ocean vistas provide a stunning back drop for hikers to explore.


Boating and cruising coastal waterways is both pastime and passion for many on the Sunshine Coast, and our boating season is year-round.


Road cycling on the Sunshine Coast is a popular method of touring through the region with amazing places to stop along the journey.


The Sunshine Coast is full of great fishing spots. The Salish Sea is a major salmon migration route and is accessible from all of the communities along the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Lund. 

Snowshoeing & Skiing

Don’t let the mild coastal climate fool you; a short drive into the surrounding mountains leads to scenic spots for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Rock Climbing

Climbers from around the world come to tackle the sheer rock faces and awe-inspiring bluffs of the Sunshine Coast, particularly those of the Eldred Valley and Stillwater Bluffs near Powell River.


Grab your clubs and seek out our unique and scenic golf courses. 

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