As the Sunshine Coast’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), one of our primary roles is to create compelling advertisements and related promotional tools and programs to raise awareness of and inspire people to visit the Sunshine Coast — and this benefits the entire Sunshine Coast tourism economy!

Our solid understanding of visitor interests and travel trends — and our in-depth knowledge of the businesses, activities, and attractions on the Sunshine Coast — have helped us create a “brand”, or identity, for the Coast as a group of laid-back coastal communities inspired by nature, with exceptional outdoor recreational offerings and rich in art, culture, food, drink, and soul-soothing retreats.

Our brand sets the tone for all of our marketing and promotional activities, and with this vision we promote the Sunshine Coast as a year-round travel destination, and work to increase growth in the shoulder season (September to May). 

Our primary geographic markets are British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington. As a “community-level” organization, our resources are best focused on these closer geographical markets, and we work closely with our provincial partner, Destination British Columbia, and our federal partner, Destination Canada, to promote to further international markets.

Within these 3 geographic markets, we focus further on psychographic traveller profiles that best fit what the Sunshine Coast has to offer:

  • Authentic Experiencers & Cultural Explorers: Independent travellers with a desire to get off the beaten path, be in nature, learn about an area’s history and culture, and interact with locals.
  • Free Spirits: Seek fun and are interested in the more social, hedonistic, and thrill-seeking experiences we provide.
  • Gentle Explorers: Seek travel experiences that are easy and provide the comforts of home; many of them return year after year to relax in familiar surroundings.


Our Marketing Tactics:



Develop, maintain, and grow the “Sunshine Coast, BC” brand

See Our Brand Framework >



Creating compelling advertising across both traditional and digital media to create an emotional urgency to visit the Sunshine Coast.



Our website, social media channels, promo videos, email newsletters, travel guides, maps, and brochures are content that we’ve created to provide helpful information, ideas, and opinions audiences may not find elsewhere.



We work with journalists, freelance writers, social influencers, editors, and broadcasters on travel-focused stories to build destination awareness in our top markets.



Collaborate with Destination BC and other local & regional tourism partners and sectors (ex: BC Ale Trail, Mountain Biking BC) to leverage funding & cooperatively market shared attractions.



Exhibit at consumer travel shows to speak face-to-face with potential visitors, promoting the Coast, its attractions and businesses

Destination Development

Our job is not only to raise awareness of and inspire visitors to come to the Sunshine Coast, but to help create conditions locally that ensure visitors have a positive and remarkable experience when they get here. 

Visitor Services

Sunshine Coast Tourism operates two full-time Visitor Centres in Gibsons and Sechelt, with funding support from Destination BC, the Town of Gibsons, and the District of Sechelt.