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The Sunshine Coast is a region with deep agricultural roots. Nearly every community on the Coast has a farmers’ market, and many have been in operation for decades. That means you can eat with the seasons and stock up on farm-fresh produce and meats throughout the year. 

Locally raised, garden-grown, and ultra-fresh are hallmarks of farmers' markets and farm stands on the Sunshine Coast. Pick up ripe berries and fruit, crisp vegetables in every colour, foraged mushrooms, or hyper-local honey at markets across the Coast. You’ll also find other foodie options, including freshly baked bread and goodies, jars of homegrown canned preserves, and Coast-made spirits, beer, cider, and other tasty treats. 

Don’t forget to look for your next treasure to take home. The Sunshine Coast is home to a large community of artists, and many take up shop as vendors at local markets, selling all sorts of beautifully crafted goods.

Many of the Sunshine Coast farmers’ markets serve as important community events. Live music, ready-made beverages, and kids' activities are common additions to market days.

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