The Sunshine Coast is full of great fishing spots. The Salish Sea is a major salmon migration route and is accessible from all of the communities along the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Lund. The deep waters of Pender Harbour are famous for giant lingcod, and shellfish such as prawns and crabs are abundant along the coast. And when it comes to freshwater fishing, you’ll find mountain-fed streams and lakes full of steelhead, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.

Fishing charters are available and local guides can help ensure your experience is as fruitful as possible. If you are coming to the Sunshine Coast by boat, there are many moorage opportunities all along our coastline.  

Keep in mind that it is always important to check the area you intend to fish in for regulations and restrictions because they can change each season, and sometimes even during the season. If you are unsure of where to check, feel free to contact any one of our Visitors Centres for some help.

There are restrictions that are particularly relevant to the Sunshine Coast. Make yourself aware of the Glass Sponge Reef Marine Refuges and the various Rockfish Conservation Areas, and be on the lookout for signage at local marinas. 

Please remember to be safe, responsible, and respectful while you’re fishing the waters of the Sunshine Coast.

Licensing Information

All anglers must have a license to fish both tidal and non-tidal waters in British Columbia. You must carry your license on you and, if asked, produce it for inspection by a Conservation Officer, Fishery Officer, RCMP constable, Park Ranger in a park, or an Officer under the Wildlife Act. 

Tidal waters licenses are managed by the Federal Government, while non-tidal licenses are managed by the Provincial Government. Both types of license are available online. Your licensing fees will vary depending on your age and residency, as well as the term of the license which can range from one day to one year.

Tidal Waters (Saltwater) Fishing

You will need a tidal waters license to fish for any species of saltwater finfish or shellfish. Fishing licenses for tidal waters can be purchased online via Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Note that an annually-purchased Salmon Conservation Stamp must be affixed to licences held by anglers wishing to retain any species of Pacific salmon.

Visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website for information on things such as:

Freshwater Fishing

For those eager to explore the many lakes of the Sunshine Coast, freshwater fishing licenses can be conveniently obtained online from the BC Government

Information about freshwater fishing licenses and regulations can be found on BC Government’s Freshwater Fishing page. Even if you already have your licence, it is important to stay up-to-date on regional information and in-season changes that may be new. You can also download a digital copy of the Freshwater Regulations Synopsis to refer to while you’re out in the field.

The BC Government’s Freshwater Fishing page includes information on things such as:

  • Licensing requirements 
  • Basic licence options and pricing
  • Definitions of BC Resident and Non-Resident
  • Lost licences
  • Conservation Surcharges

Tips & Useful Resources

Check out this handy list of what you need to know before you set out for a day of fishing:

Looking for more information on fishing in BC? Check out the following resources:

Dotted with islands and small inlets, the Sunshine Coast is a productive fishery for all five species of Pacific salmon as well as halibut, ling cod and more. OTB, or “over the beach”, is a military term that translates to “will still work when wet."