Seasonal Activities

Many people immediately think of summertime when they think about the Sunshine Coast, but there’s so much more to our destination.

In autumn, the hustle and bustle of summer settle down but the Coast is thriving—think coastal views and autumn colours, harvest time and new flavours, exceptional creative and cultural events, and time spent in nature that will inspire your mind and soul. Cozy accommodations abound, and there are still plenty of things to do in the event of some “liquid sunshine” (rain).

Winter on the Sunshine Coast is relatively mild compared to most of Canada. Locals know winter here is a time for simplicity, peace, and self-discovery. Take advantage of generous wellness offerings, including spas and saunas, yoga and alternative health therapies. Book a restful cabin stay and indulge your literary side with a read from one of our local authors. Snow days are relatively rare at lower elevations, but if you head up to the mountains, you’ll find snow to play in. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities on the Coast, and equipment rentals are available.

Planning a spring visit? Many seasonal operators open back up as the weather warms, and there’s nothing like a quick getaway to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate Spring Break. It’s a quieter time on the Coast and a great time to enjoy camping and hiking with fewer crowds. Bring a raincoat for the April showers, and explore our suggestions for things to do on a rainy day on the Sunshine Coast. 

Rainy Days

If you travel to the Sunshine Coast in fall, winter, or spring, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some unpredictable weather—rain included. If you let this deter you, then you’ll be missing out on the…

Fall on the Coast

Immerse yourself in autumn vibes this fall on the Sunshine Coast. Spend some time enjoying outdoor activities in the crisp air, sipping on cider, and taking in the local art scene.

Winter On The Coast

Winter on the Sunshine Coast is mild compared to some parts of Canada, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any snow to be found. Enjoy scenic outdoor activities, quaint cabins with ocean views, and cozy spots for…

Spring on the Coast

Spring brings mild temperatures, surging waterfalls brought on by the snow melt, flower blooms that bring warmth to the landscape, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

Summer on the Coast

Summer's long, sun-drenched days are perfect for exploring the Sunshine Coast's stunning landscapes and charming communities.

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