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Sustainable Sunshine Coast is a partner-led initiative that aims to push our destination forward in its sustainability journey. Through this initiative, a variety of resources for local businesses have been put together to help inspire operators to take action, and plans are underway with GreenStep to help organizations measure and improve their sustainability performance. Download the stickers, signs, and web badges that apply to your business, and sign up to participate in upcoming opportunities.

Simply put, sustainable operations are good for the Sunshine Coast. They are also good for your bottom line. More visitors are seeking destinations and services that treat both the earth and their customers well. In fact, research shows that all other things being equal, customers will choose a more sustainable business over 80% of the time. It's time to take action and increase your business.

Tourism businesses and other services can take steps to reduce their impact. And by encouraging the use of greener forms of transportation and promoting water conservation, we can educate visitors about how their actions impact our communities.

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Click the links below to download the following resources to print and use at your business. You can also contact us at for details on where to pick up print materials.

Community Information

Learn more about local water resources here:

Help keep local waterways clean:

Learn more about local transportation services:

Sustainable Sunshine Coast is a partner-led initiative:

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As a visitor, there are things you can do to help the Sunshine Coast on its sustainability journey. We are on this journey together.

Sunshine Coast Tourism (SCT) is a non-profit destination marketing organization (DMO) that promotes British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast as a premier travel destination.