Destination Development

As the Sunshine Coast’s tourism marketing organization, our job is not only to raise awareness of and inspire visitors to come to the Sunshine Coast but to also help create conditions locally that ensure visitors have a positive and remarkable experience when they get here. 

To do this we work closely with our provincial and regional governments and tourism organizations, local businesses, associations and others on initiatives that support local businesses and enhance our community for the benefit of both visitors and locals. 

Industry Advocacy

We are a voice for the Sunshine Coast tourism sector on local committees, including:

  • BC Ferries Advisory Committee: where we advocate for ferry service to the Sunshine Coast that supports our growing tourism industry and businesses, while maintaining favourable service for locals
  • SCRD Transportation Committee: which works to encourage better public transportation across the enter Sunshine Coast – from Howe Sound to Earl’s Cove and beyond to Powell River and Lund
  • SC Active Transportation Association:  through our participation we support and participate in initiatives for more sustainable and healthy transportation options on the Sunshine Coast like improved bike lanes and active transportation infrastructure

Community Development

We support community development through our participation on committees focused on the creation of community enhancements, including:

  • Destination BC Destination Development Committee: we were key participants in the development of a 10-year Destination Development Strategy for the Sunshine Coast that is helping guide the long-term growth of sustainable tourism and revenues. This Strategy is used in support of many funding applications; for example, in 2020, this Strategy was used to support the District of Sechelt’s application for funding for a number of community enhancements through the Province’s Tourism Dependent Communities Fund (application pending as at March 2021) 
  • SC Tourism Growth Management Committee: we are part of this group of stakeholders that provides feedback to the 10-year Destination Development strategy and the principles of sustainable growth and responsible tourism development in the region. 
  • Community Grant Support:  we provide tourism information, insights and letters of support to assist community organizations in their efforts to secure grants for programs, projects, services and events that benefit both  locals and visitors. 

COVID-19 Recovery

We participated on committees established to assist local businesses with COVID-recovery and created campaigns to encourage locals to support our local businesses, including:

  • BC Tourism Resiliency Network: as a participant in the BC Tourism Resiliency Program, we provided our local tourism businesses with one-on-one support and updates on financial aid programs, COVID health and safety protocols, free workshops and community forums. 
  • SC Business & Economic Recovery Task Force: as a member of this coalition of local finance and business organizations, we help local entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate the wide range of Federal and Provincial government recovery programs, advocate on their behalf and identify emerging issues
  • Coast Love: through this marketing and promotions campaign aimed at Sunshine Coast residents, we encourage locals to explore the Coast and support our local businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


As the Sunshine Coast’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), one of our primary roles is to create compelling marketing campaigns and related promotional tools and programs to raise awareness of and inspire…

Visitor Services

Sunshine Coast Tourism operates two full-time Visitor Centres in Gibsons and Sechelt, with funding support from Destination BC, the Town of Gibsons, and the District of Sechelt.

Tourism Resources & Research

Discover tourism industry resources for everything from marketing to HR, along with market research to help align your business with Sunshine Coast Tourism & Destination BC.