Three people in swimsuits jumping off a boat into the water below.
Sunshine Coast Tourism/Andy Cochrane Desolation Sound


Boating and cruising coastal waterways is both a pastime and a passion for many on the Sunshine Coast.

Our boating season is year-round, and unspoiled anchorages and protected bays are waiting to be explored by adventurous boaters. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound while at sea, with an abundance of marine life in the area including sea lions, porpoises, and orcas. Our waters are easily reached from Vancouver-area marinas, or from the Gulf Islands and United States. Many harbours have commercial marinas where you can dock your boat, get supplies, rent a boat or kayak, get a meal, or sign on for excursions.

For an interactive boating map, anchorages and other boat trip planning resources, visit AhoyBC’s Sunshine Coast page.