Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast are perfect for a romantic getaway or mini-adventure. If you’re looking for an authentic, more personalized experience, local Bed & Breakfasts allow you to relax in the comfort of home while enjoying the calm, coastal lifestyle. B&Bs are a top pick for those wishing to immerse themselves culturally—guests typically enjoy a home cooked meal with other guests and the host, making it a great way to connect with travellers from around the world.

Many local B&Bs are located close to outdoor adventure hot spots, shops, and more. After a day of exploring, hit a local craft brewery or restaurant for a taste of the Coast, then head back to your B&B for a restful night’s sleep. B&Bs on the Sunshine Coast often require booking in advance and most commonly offer two to three-night stays.

On the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find all sorts of unique B&Bs, from country cottages and modern luxury waterfront homes to yurts and treehouses in the forest. No matter your style, the Bed & Breakfast experience is a tried and true offering for those looking for a unique place to stay.

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