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Looking for food and drink options? In keeping with the artisanal vibes of the Sunshine Coast, food and beverages are treated as an art form.

Local, seasonal food is always on the menu here and chefs are drawn to the area by the abundance of incredible BC seafood, farm-fresh products, and an ever-growing food scene. From local libations to an entire festival celebrating blackberries, there are plenty of ways to eat and drink your way around the Sunshine Coast. 

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The Sunshine Coast is home to a wide variety of restaurants, where you’ll find everything from fresh seafood to burgers and tacos.

Breweries, Cideries, & Distilleries

The Sunshine Coast’s burgeoning craft beverage scene is an experience unto its own. Sipping your way along the coast is a must, and there are plenty of breweries, cideries, and distilleries to discover.

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