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Group Travel

The Sunshine Coast is best suited for small to medium-sized groups when travelling together. Enjoy a more intimate travel experience, whether you are planning a family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette getaway, a corporate retreat, or bringing a tour group of your own to discover the Sunshine Coast.

Groups are strongly encouraged to plan well in advance to ensure the best travel experience. Call ahead to make reservations for restaurants, tours, accommodations, and attractions. Many of the Sunshine Coast’s businesses are proudly small businesses and need ample time to prepare to accommodate groups of 6 or more. Parks, trails, and beaches often have small parking areas for only a few cars and cannot accommodate larger tour buses or vans.

Our Visitor Information Centres offer a wealth of information and trip planning services, and our visitor information counsellors would be happy to assist you in planning your group trip.

Group Accommodation

The Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of accommodations for different groups. Resorts often offer a mix of accommodations on one property, allowing your group flexibility in sleeping arrangements and on-site amenities and activities, while standard hotels/motels offer traditional accommodation.

Group Transportation

Moving your group can be challenging, but experienced transportation operators are available to serve you. Coastal Rides offers modern ride-hailing services that can be booked in advance or on-demand, with larger 9 and 14-passenger shuttle vans available. Tour operators Sunshine Coast Art Tours and Connecting Flights offer group tours and chartered transportation services on the South Coast, and Sunshine Coast Shuttle and the Zunga Bus are available on the North Coast. Boat transportation is available in several areas as well, with a full complement of water taxis and other crafts to get your group where you need to go.

Please note that while BC Ferries can accommodate full-size charter buses, most areas of the Sunshine Coast are not suitable for this type of travel without full arrangements—including all stops (even in public areas)—pre-planned ahead of time, simply due to limited space and infrastructure.

Visitor Centres

Visitor Centres on the Sunshine Coast that offer professional visitor counselling, helpful travel information and literature, and assistance with activity and accommodation reservations.

Places To Stay

Discover places to stay on the Sunshine Coast, including accommodations in Powell River, Sechelt, Gibsons, Pender Harbour, and everywhere in between.

Food & Drink

From indulging in local libations to checking out food festivals, there are plenty of ways to eat and drink your way around the Sunshine Coast.