Trails are plentiful and varied throughout the Sunshine Coast.

The region boasts over 800 identified trails covering over 1570 kilometres. These trails range from wide, accessible paths through established provincial parks to narrow single track winding through active, working forests. No matter what type of trail you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it here on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re interested in hikingbikingwinter recreation, or even horseback riding, there is a wealth of information to help direct you to the right trail.

Trail users are asked to use one mindset: be respectful. This means packing your garbage out, and being mindful of wildlife, sensitive ecosystems, Indigenous history, and other trail users. Many of the trails enjoyed today by our community and visitors were built by locals, and are often still used in traditional First Nations cultural practices like collecting cedar strips for baskets. This legacy is to be honoured, and you’re invited to share in that by only leaving footsteps, and only taking pictures.

Wondering about wildlife? Our trails are home to creatures big and small. Bears, beavers, black-tailed deer, and birds of all types are a few of the regulars here on the Sunshine Coast. Visit WildSafeBC to learn about local species, how to prevent conflicts with wildlife, and more. 


Visit our Travel Guide & Maps page to access a variety of trail maps. 

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