Francis Point Provincial Park is located near Pender Harbour on BC’s Sunshine Coast. The 83-hectare park includes a forested wetland area, an important habitat for the western painted turtle. Hikers can follow the short trail along the rocky coastline for excellent views of the Georgia Strait, Texada Island, and Vancouver Island.

Francis Point Provincial Park
The rocky coastline of Francis Point Provincial Park. Photo: Sunshine Coast Tourism/Regan Hately

Location & Trail Notes

The park is located just off Francis Peninsula Road in the Pender Harbour area. Take Highway 101 towards Madeira Park; the entrance to Francis Peninsula Road is right across from the RONA Coast Builders location at 12390 Sunshine Coast Highway.

Follow Francis Peninsula Road for approximately 6 minutes (about 4 kilometres), then turn left onto Merrill Road. At the end of Merrill Road, you’ll find a small, unpaved parking lot next to the trailhead.

Francis Point Provincial Park offers a quintessential west-coast hiking experience for people of many ages and fitness levels to enjoy. It’s just a short distance from the parking lot along the trail through old-growth Douglas Fir trees to the beach. The trail then splits to the left and the right. Take the right side for a short scramble up rocky stairs to the Beaver Point Lookout (about a 10-minute walk). Take the left side for a longer (approximately 45 minutes/3 kilometres return) hike to a lighthouse and arbutus grove to enjoy the views or even have a picnic.

While you’re hiking, keep an eye out for flora and fauna, including arbutus trees, a variety of birds, and marine wildlife such as seals. The lichen in the park is spectacular, and there are interpretive signs along the trail that provide more information. Keep in mind that the moss and lichen in more exposed areas are sensitive to trampling and slow to regrow.

Safety Notice

Francis Point Provincial Park is a day-use area. Please note that no overnight camping or campfires are allowed in Francis Point Provincial Park at any time. Use care along the trail, which includes rocky, uneven terrain that can become slippery on a wet day.

Francis Point Provincial Park
The trail and lighthouse (bottom right) at Francis Point Provincial Park. Photo: Sunshine Coast Tourism/Regan Hately

Trail Map, Amenities & More Information

Click here to view Francis Point Provincial Park on Google Maps. You can also view a map and more information on the BC Parks website, including detailed accessibility information.

Park amenities include a picnic area and pit toilets. Please remember to pack out what you pack in, to help keep the Sunshine Coast’s outdoor spaces beautiful and wild. 

Did you know? Francis Point Provincial Park borders the Francis Point Ecological Reserve. According to BC Parks, “Ecological reserves contribute to the maintenance of biological diversity and the protection of genetic materials. Appropriate research and educational functions are the primary uses of ecological reserves. They are not created for outdoor recreation and should not be confused with parks or other recreational areas. Most ecological reserves, however, are open to the public for non-consumptive, observational uses. Parks and ecological reserves, although serving somewhat different purposes, complement one another. Together they provide a wide range of opportunities for people to experience and learn from the natural world.”