Sunlight gleams through the trees as a man walks along the rocky shore.
Sunshine Coast Tourism/Matthew Massa

Explore the Trails: Pender Harbour Paddle Route

Try your hand at a paddling route as one of our featured trails. Pender Harbour is an ideal location for kayaking on the Sunshine Coast for a number of reasons. It is hard to find an area as good as Pender Harbour for protected areas of water for paddling. This means that on days when the wind is…

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Explore the Trails: Pender Hill Park

Length and Distance: 1.5 km | 30 min | Difficult (Steep) If you are looking for a fantastic view, a bit of cardio, and a quick hike, look no further. Pender Hill offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views in the area. Located in the Garden Bay area of Pender Harbour, even the drive to the…

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