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Explore the Trails: The Copeland Islands

The Copeland Islands offer one of the best kayak experiences when staying in the Powell River and Lund area. This fantastic group of islands and islets is located just north of Lund and often ‘forgotten’ by a majority of kayakers, as they rush towards Desolation Sound. This picturesque provincial…

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Explore the Trails: Blackwater Creek

Length & Difficulty: 4 km | 3 hours | Moderate The Blackwater Creek Trail is part of the Duck Lake trail network just outside of Powell River. This particular trail is dotted with waterfalls, beautiful gorges, and bridges to walk along while winding through rugged rainforest. It is well suited…

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Explore the Trails: Willingdon Beach Trail

The Willingdon Beach Trail is by far one of the most relaxed walking paths in Powell River. It’s a lush green forested area with floral overhang along most all of the way. Another neat thing about this trail is the diverse plant life that exists along it. Challenge yourself to identify the…

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Explore the Trails: Inland Lake

Inland Lake Provincial Park is located 12 km north of Powell River and is an ideal place for hiking, camping (drive-in and walk-in sites available), as well as swimming, cycling, fishing, canoeing, and boating. What makes Inland Lake unique is the 13 km, fully accessible trail that loops around the…

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