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Diving into the Sunshine Coast’s Coffee Scene

Need to fuel up for your adventures on the Sunshine Coast? These coffee shops can help. Read on to learn where you can grab an espresso (and a baked good or two) before hitting the trails. Coffee Shops on the Sunshine Coast Below we’ve focused on coffee shops that place a strong emphasis on the…

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Foodie Favs In Powell River & Lund

No trip to the Sunshine Coast is complete without a few stops at local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries! Read on for details on some of our local foodie favs in Powell River and Lund. Whether you’re looking for beer and burgers or coffee and pastries, there’s something to satisfy your cravings…

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Discover the Sunshine Coast's Best Bakeries

Carbs are a prerequisite for any adventure. On the Sunshine Coast, you'll find perfectly leavened loaves to famed cinnamon buns worth making the trek for (looking at you, Nancy's). There's no shortage of bakeries to hit up before whatever it is you're planning. But to help you rise to the…

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