Sunlight gleams through the trees as a man walks along the rocky shore.
Sunshine Coast Tourism/Matthew Massa

A Guide to the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

The Sunshine Coast is home to one of the highest per capita populations of artists and crafters in Canada. This community of people breathes new life and creativity into the Coast, and over three days in late October, you can experience it all during Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. The Sunshine Coast Art…

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Trip Ideas: Culture Crawl

Looking for trip ideas? Cultural explorers will be delighted to discover the Sunshine Coast’s rich arts scene, attractions, and historical places. We’ve collected our top recommendations for travellers to curate their own culture crawl itinerary. Be sure to add a mix of festivals and events, the…

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A Sunshine Coast Holiday Gift Guide: Langdale to Egmont

We've assembled our favourite gifts from the South Coast—that is, Langdale to Egmont—for all your friends and family who could use an extra dose of the Sunshine Coast this year. You'll find no shortage of local goods, from craft spirits to beautiful art to stunning handmade pottery. For The…

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