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8 Unique Places to Hang Your Hat on the Sunshine Coast

Previously on the blog, we gave you a trip inspiration list of 7 unique places to hang your hat on the Sunshine Coast. Private island yurts & eco cabanas, geodesic domes and glamping - what more could any traveller hope for? But the Sunshine Coast has so many unique accommodations, we simply had…

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Powell River Logger Sports

Let’s set the scene: Coastal charm, friendly folks, and alluring outdoor opportunities are the classic hallmark of Powell River, BC. But what you may not know is once a year people from all over the world venture to Powell River in July to compete in the “Powell River Logger Sports.” Loggers…

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Foodie Favs: The Best Places to Eat in Pender Harbour

Discover the best restaurants in Pender Harbour & Egmont Despite their small size, Pender Harbour and Egmont are full of tasty morsels to satisfy every member of your company. To make your decision easy - or perhaps we will have made it more difficult by the end and you will just have to stick…

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Kathaumixw - A Gathering of Different Peoples

Imagine a place where diverse people from all over the world join together to create individual harmonies whilst collectively singing as one. Distinctly, this image is brought to life through K athaumixw (pronounced Ka-thou-mew): an international choral festival hosted in the charming city…

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Sechelt's Summer Scene

Summer time is flying by, and if you're feeling the heat trying to make up your mind as to how to fill the remaining time, we're here to help! To assist you we have a convenient little map you can use to plan your trip to Sechelt, complete with seasonal festivals + events and year-round programs…

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Your Guide To The Top 1O Lakes On The Sunshine Coast

While the Sunshine Coast boasts 180km of Salish Sea coastline, sometimes you just need a lazy lake day. So if you are trying to cut back on your sodium intake, we’ve got your freshwater guide all ready to go! Trout Lake: Damon Berryman If you are travelling north along the Sunshine…

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3 Day Getaway to Powell River

When people ask me why I like to write, I always answer “Because when I write I say what I really mean”. Often I find conversation and dialogue between people today is shorthand and rushed, like they are trying to express the full meaning of their story within only a few sentences for fear of boring…

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Your Sunshine Coast Guide to Canada Day

This year’s Canada Day is sure to be a big one! If you are planning a trip to the Sunshine Coast, but are not sure what to do or where to go to check out the festivities, we have compiled a convenient list of all your options. Gibsons: There will be a historical Walking Tour of the Gibsons Landing…

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