Sunlight gleams through the trees as a man walks along the rocky shore.
Sunshine Coast Tourism/Matthew Massa

Kathaumixw - A Gathering of Different Peoples

Imagine a place where diverse people from all over the world join together to create individual harmonies whilst collectively singing as one. Distinctly, this image is brought to life through K athaumixw (pronounced Ka-thou-mew): an international choral festival hosted in the charming city…

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Your Guide To The Top 1O Lakes On The Sunshine Coast

While the Sunshine Coast boasts 180km of Salish Sea coastline, sometimes you just need a lazy lake day. So if you are trying to cut back on your sodium intake, we’ve got your freshwater guide all ready to go! Trout Lake: Damon Berryman If you are travelling north along the Sunshine…

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3 Day Getaway to Powell River

When people ask me why I like to write, I always answer “Because when I write I say what I really mean”. Often I find conversation and dialogue between people today is shorthand and rushed, like they are trying to express the full meaning of their story within only a few sentences for fear of boring…

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