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Help Us Celebrate National Tourism Week in Canada

For all of us at Sunshine Coast Tourism, travel is something we're passionate about. (After all, that's why we work in tourism.) This week we're celebrating National Tourism Week in Canada — a seven-day coast to coast to coast event to recognize Canada’s tourism economy and the impact it has on…

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The "All About Adventures" Winter Itinerary

While most think of the Coast as a summer destination, winters on the Sunshine Coast are mild, relaxed, and and full of great opportunities to escape the crowds. We partnered with our friends at All About Adventures to experience a winter escape to the Sunshine Coast. This itinerary is built for…

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You're Invited: Sunshine Coast Clean Up

Let's talk about garbage. Yes, garbage. We know it's not the typical topic of conversation on a tourism website, but we know it's a conversation we have to have, and we hope you'll join in. The incredible coastline, oceans, waterways, forests, and communities of the Sunshine Coast support and…

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In the Zone: The Best Mountain Bike Zones on the Sunshine Coast

There are a tangle of mountain bike trails spread throughout the Sunshine Coast (385 km to be specific), most of them housed within one of many trail networks throughout the area. Each trail network has its own distinct flavour and features, shaped by the hands of its trailbuilders or sculpted by…

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Nine Tips For First-Time Bikers On The Sunshine Coast

When it comes to travelling, following your curiosity will almost always take you to places (or experiences) you won’t find on a map. That holds especially true for mountain biking on the Sunshine Coast, where its 385 kilometres of singletrack are merely a placeholder for the real adventures that…

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5 Reasons To Mountain Bike On The Sunshine Coast

We don’t think you need a reason to mountain bike on the Sunshine Coast. The coastal jungle and its enchanting, verdant trails have a way of creating a mountain biker’s paradise own their own. Though a little inspiration (and validation) never hurt. We’ve picked five of our favourite excuses to…

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10 Foodie Favs in Gibsons

Gibsons, BC; snuggled next to it’s peaceful marina and offering spectacular mountain views is known as a place of nature and beauty. What is less known is the vibrant foodie scene you can find there. Enjoy everything from decadent French fare to smokey ocean side BBQ and all your sushi favourites…

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Video Blog: Zunga

Watch local brewmaster Cedric Dauchot share a hint or two about making a great ale and other Sunshine Coast secrets: Explore more: Places to Stay > How to Get Here > More on the Blog >…

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