Craving a slice? We'll save you the search: here's a list of Sunshine Coast-based establishments known for serving up good pizza. From your classic wood-fired Neapolitan to 80's-style pizzerias big on flavour and decor, these spots are well worth the trip.

Some quick notes: we've left out take-out chains, like Panago, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s, but you can find those here, too. We've also narrowed this list to places that concentrate on pizza, but you'll find plenty of cafes and eateries that also serve up slices among other good eats.

Read on for details on where to eat pizza on the Sunshine Coast.

Supercharger Pizza

4701 Marine Ave, Powell River

Supercharger Pizza is an 80's-style pizzeria, and while the space itself is small and intimate, it's decked out in bold, primary colours; fun custom-made Expo '86-style posters that reference the local region; and other nostalgia-inducing 80's touches. Supercharger's slices lean more New York-style (thin and foldable), but still retain that Neopolitan feel (tender crust and good char). Expect to find 14" pies, served up as specials in an ever-rotating array of inventive flavours, plus base staples like Margherita, pepperoni, and cheese, but done with a Supercharger twist. The "Chuck E Cheese" uses a garlic cream sauce to tie together smoked Italian and blue cheeses, and is finished with fried rosemary, black pepper, and a touch of honey. Another favourite is the "Road to Hana" which features smoked Italian cheese, a mozzarella blend, braised pork shoulder, chili caramelized pineapple, pickled chili. 

Supercharger Pizza
Photo: Supercharger Pizza/Justin Sparks Photography

Pepper Creek Pizza & Pasta

4330 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Sechelt

A longtime staple of the Sechelt area, Pepper Creek Pizza and Pasta is a take-out spot known for their deep-dish pies. Slow-roasted and fully loaded with toppings, these are crowd-pleasing pizzas made for sharing. They start with a wheat-based dough and build from there, churning out all the classics: meat lovers, Hawaiian, the Greek, the Italian, and so on. Centrally located in Wilson Creek, they deliver within a 13-kilometre radius of either direction, but don’t worry: if you fall outside the zone, their take-and-bake pizzas (available at their pizza shop and local grocery stores on the Coast) are an ideal option, especially if you're planning on pizza night at the cabin.


Harbour Pizza

12875 Madeira Park Rd, Madeira Park (Pender Harbour)

Visiting the Pender Harbour area and in need of a pie? Harbour Pizza has you covered. Like most places in Pender Harbour, this unassuming spot might just surprise you. Their popular pizzas pull influence from a few different styles, but are more on the side of Detroit-style, with its fluffier, chewier, focaccia-like crust. It has a good cheese-to-topping ratio, and local favourites include the "Sicilian," with its spicy sausage, onion and peppers, and the "Pender Classic," with pepperoni, sausage, onions, and mushrooms. While you can eat-in (there are a few diner-style tables available), make like the locals and take it to go—you can find scenic ocean views overlooking the harbour (hence the name) just mere steps away.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

5500 Sunshine Coast Hwy Unit 202, Sechelt

This is one franchise spot that does it right. Sechelt is one of the latest Famoso locations to open, and brings with it an exceptional detail to quality. With training from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), this means you can expect authentic and traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. The tomatoes are imported from Campania and hand-milled into a red sauce. The fior di latte uses Canadian cow's milk mozzarella. The basil, hand-torn and generously used. The flour, your classic '00' which produces a soft yet crispy pizza crust. The standards for pizza are high, but Famoso prides itself on a casual and relaxed atmosphere: unpretentious wine, neighbourhood feel, friendly service. Eat in, or take-out available.

Buono Osteria

442 Marine Dr, Gibsons

Date night over pizza, anyone? Buono Osteria is a cozy spot tucked along Gower Point Road in Gibsons Landing. With its warm wood tones, soft ambient lighting and scenic views overlooking the ocean, you might easily mistake it for an Italian seaside trattoria. Buono pays homage to Italy in the best ways—most obvious of all in its pizza, of course. This is Neapolitan-style churned out in a forno, which greets you right as you walk into the restaurant. The pizzas are consistently good, from the "Hot Italian,” made with confit garlic, fennel sausage, and pickled serrano peppers, to the “White Alba,” which uses wild, foraged mushrooms, carmelized onion and white truffle oil. The “Pera” is a local favourite, combining bartlett pears, gorgonzola blue cheese, walnuts, and pickled onions. Split a bottle of red, add in some smoked olives and bruschetta, and you'll have yourself a romantic feast for two. 

A view of wine glasses and someone's hands cutting a pizza into slices.
Buono Osteria, Photo: Abby Cooper

Coastal Crust

5685 Cowrie St #102, Sechelt

Coastal Crust is one of the few pizza places on the Sunshine Coast serving them up by the whole pie and the slice, making this an ideal lunch spot for pizza-on-the-go. This is another deep-dish spot, with 25+ pies available including more inventive options like the "Jalapeno Popper," a spicy cheddar and bacon pie that's not shy on flavour, and the "Loaded Taco" and the "East West" where fusion is at its most delicious. Vegetarians have some great choices, and—standard for Coastal Crust—there are three different pie sizes available. Looking for a quick snack? Coastal Crust opens at noon, with by-the-slice pizza available all day.


Salt and Peppers Pizzeria

2365 Lang Bay Road Unit 5C1, Powell River

Located halfway between Saltery Bay and downtown Powell River, this is your go-to spot if you're finishing a long day on the trails, are staying in the Lang Bay or Brew Bay areas, or find yourself with a last-minute craving while en route to the Saltery Bay ferry terminal. It's also not hard to miss, with its bright red exterior handpainted with pizzas on it. Salt and Peppers pizza is all about familiar comforts: Hawaiian, pepperoni and mushroom, chicken and bacon, and more. It leans thinner than deep dish, but still offers a hearty bite.


The Bay

444 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons

The Bay is a Gibsons spot serving up good fun and good pies. Another 80's/90's-style pizzeria, it sets the tone with nods to TMNT (if you know, you know) and Mortal Kombat characters, acid-wash and neon colours, and large-scale, graffiti-style murals. It's obvious that this place doesn't take itself too seriously, except when it comes to the pizza. Here it's served New York-style, and while the fun names might deceive you (the "Kevin McAllister" in name is a Margherita in execution), these pies are a nod to the humble thin-crust. A crisp base, highly foldable, ooey gooey cheese, and just the right amount of toppings, including the "razzle dazzle," a proprietary blend of The Bay's special cheese sprinkle. It's a great spot for families with teens, or just the teen-in-disguise. Cowabunga, baby.

A-One Pizza, Gibsons

851 Gibsons Way #5, Gibsons

Located in Upper Gibsons, and set in a sometimes overlooked spot right along the Sunshine Coast Highway, A-One is your reliably classic pizza joint. They're big on mozzarella cheese and toppings, they deliver (handy for those rainy nights when you aren't looking to venture out), and they can churn out 'zas for big crowds. They don't stray from the classics, so expect your classic Hawaiian, pepperoni,