Electric vehicle travel is a great, low-impact way to explore a destination. On the Sunshine Coast, road trippers will find a growing network of electric vehicle chargers along our ocean-hugging highway, which winds from Langdale to Lund. Tucked in between are coastal communities offering places to eat, sleep, and explore, along with a handful of Visitor Centres with friendly staff who can help you make the most of your electric journey.

If your visit to British Columbia includes renting an electric vehicle for the first time, be sure to learn about EVs and additional considerations for planning your trip.  TranBC (Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure) offers helpful tips for charging and extending your range as you travel in BC.

Pointhouse Suites on Sargeant Bay
A car charging at Pointhouse Suites on Sargeant Bay. Photo: @thepointhouse

Electric Vehicles on the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to EV adoption, the Sunshine Coast is leading the charge. It's one of the fastest-growing regions in the province to make the electric switch to a more low-impact, climate-friendly mode of transportation. Which means you're in good company when you're here. Some of the best EV intel comes from locals, so if you need recommendations for places to stop, detour, or charge up—ask around or pop into one of our Visitor Centres, located in Gibsons, Sechelt, and Powell River.

Travelling with your Electric Vehicle on BC Ferries

Driving to the Sunshine Coast? All vehicles must first take a ferry ride with BC Ferries. Electric vehicles are allowed onboard, but it’s important to know there are no charging stations within the ticketed waiting areas at the ferry terminal or onboard. That goes for electric bikes, too. But don't worry—there are charging stations within just a short distance from your arrival terminal on the Sunshine Coast, whether it’s the Langdale terminal near Gibsons or the Westview terminal in Powell River.

EV Charging Locations on the Sunshine Coast

So, where can you find electric vehicle chargers on the Sunshine Coast? Communities across the Sunshine Coast from Gibsons to Lund offer public chargers, including several high power/level 3 stations and even a Tesla Supercharging station in Sechelt. PlugShare offers a free handy map of EV chargers, where you can even filter by type and access trip planning tools to ensure you can easily find your next charging spot. On the go? PlugShare also has a mobile app you can download to your phone.

You can also find the latest news on EV chargers through the Sunshine Coast Electric Vehicle Association.


Find Places to Stay with EV Chargers

Some accommodations on the Sunshine Coast have on-site EV chargers for guests to use, including the Old Courthouse Inn and Pacific Point Suites in Powell River, Pointhouse Suites on Sargeant Bay, Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina in Madeira Park, the Tuwanek Hotel in Sechelt, and many others. Depending on your specific type of EV, a regular outlet and extension cord for a trickle charge overnight may be all you need. Don’t hesitate to ask what type of charging is available when booking your next hotel, resort, or vacation rental. 



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