Length & Difficulty: 5.5 km | 3 hours | Moderate

What isn't there to love about this trail? Like Powell River and its array of residents, the trail has a lot of character and is absolutely 100% quirky. Think of the trail as one giant geocache. There are trinkets hanging from the trees, poking out of mossy stumps. and peaking up from the ferns. You'll want to bring a trinket to leave behind and pick out a trinket to take home for memories.

About 2.5 km along the trinket trail you can’t miss Troll Alley; there are literally dozens of the funky hairy toys hanging from branches and wedged into trees and moss. The entire Trinket Trail is a 5.5 km round trip and begins just off Southview Road, all the way up to the Bunster Bluffs and back again. Give yourself three to four hours for this hike.

The hike up to the Bunster Bluffs is a steep one and definitely gets the heart-rate up, but it's worth the trek as the views from the bluffs over the strait are absolutely surreal. You'll want to pack a picnic for this one as there's a bench awaiting you (perfect for lunching and napping) once you reach the top. Take the small trail back to your car. A portion of the Trinket Trail overlaps with the Sunshine Coast Trail, Canada's longest hut to hut hiking trail.

Directions to Trailhead
From Powell River, take Marine Avenue (also Highway 101) north towards the Townsite. Follow Marine/101 until you get a ‘T’ in the road. Take a right here (follow the signs pointing to Lund) which will take you over the famous Powell Lake, up the hairpin Wildwood Hill and through Sliammon. After passing through Sliammon and past Scuttle Bay, take a right on Southview Road (next road after Wilde Road.) Almost immediately there will be a ‘y’ in the road, stick to your right and continue to mender past houses with gardens and green space. At about the 3.6 km mark, you’ll drive over a bridge crossing Toquwnatch Creek. There is a road just up from the bridge on your right hand side. Take a right on the road and immediately pull over to the side of the road to park before the bridge. You’ll see a sign to the left stating ‘Gibraltor Bluffs’ sign. This will connect you to the Trinket Trail and lead you to the Bunster Bluffs.

The trails of the Sunshine Coast offer a wide array of experiences for travellers of all levels and walks of life. Ranging in length, difficulty, and experience, the trails on the Sunshine Coast are the epitome of the pristine beauty and epic landscapes of British Columbia.

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