Sunlight gleams through the trees as a man walks along the rocky shore.
Sunshine Coast Tourism/Matthew Massa

Museums to Explore on the Sunshine Coast

Museums on the Sunshine Coast are a prime example of the creative and resilient spirit often found in smaller communities. If you're interested in learning about the people, culture, and history of the Sunshine Coast, local museums feature a wide variety of cultural artifacts—some dating back…

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Texada Island Museum: a Step Back in Time

There are many reasons to take the ferry from Powell River over to Texada Island, ranging from the sprawling solitary beaches to the predator-free wooded trails. Lesser known to some is the local museum, a bountiful stop for history buffs and curious folks alike. If you drive by without glancing up…

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Trip Ideas: Culture Crawl

Looking for trip ideas? Cultural explorers will be delighted to discover the Sunshine Coast’s rich arts scene, attractions, and historical places. We’ve collected our top recommendations for travellers to curate their own culture crawl itinerary. Be sure to add a mix of festivals and events, the…

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