• While exploring the Sunshine Coast, please do so safely and responsibly. We’re all visitors on the traditional territories of the Tla’amin, Klahoose, Shíshálh, and Skwxwú7mesh nations.

Planning a trip to the Sunshine Coast? Follow these tips for safe and responsible travel. Respectful trip planning benefits both visitor and community, and helps to ensure that we can all continue to enjoy the Sunshine Coast in the future. 

Stay Informed

When thinking about planning a trip, make sure to follow the direction of the Provincial Health Officer and keep up to date on changing guidelines and regulations. COVID-19 protocols can change abruptly, and differ from community to community, so make sure you are armed with the latest information and protocols before embarking on your trip.  

Plan Ahead

To make the most out of your trip, we suggest planning ahead. Businesses and services across the Sunshine Coast have enacted various COVID policies and protocols to ensure your safety. Some may be operating at reduced capacity, with limited hours, or require advance bookings. By reaching out in advance, you can ensure that you make the most of your time on the Sunshine Coast. For help with trip planning, the staff at our Visitor Centres in Gibsons, Sechelt, and Powell River can help. Don't forget to check our 'Know Before You Go' page, too.  

Howe Sound. Photo by Destination BC

Pack Smart

The Sunshine Coast is a semi-rural region. Depending on where you are visiting, stocking up on essentials, such as groceries or beach gear, can lessen your impact on our smaller communities who may be experiencing supply issues. 

Keep yourself and our communities safe by bringing a Clean Trip Kit, which includes hand sanitizer, soap, gloves, mask, toilet paper and in some cases, paper towel. While some businesses and destinations may supply these for visitors, it’s not guaranteed.

Safe Travel

Feel sick? Don't travel. Before you embark on any trip to the Sunshine Coast, make sure you are not exhibiting any signs that you are unwell. While visiting, practice physical distancing and frequent handwashing hygiene to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, and keep a safe distance from people outside of your immediate group. 

Concerned about how local businesses are approaching COVID? Reach out to find out what steps they are taking to ensure they are keeping you and their staff safe. Businesses are required to post their COVID-19 health and safety protocols at their workplace for staff and visitors to see. Respect the safety procedure enacted by the businesses you visit, and adhere to any local closures or restricted access to communities. 

Travel in Small Groups

Consider travelling with just your immediate family or bubble. Travelling with fewer people makes it easier to find space, book reservations at restaurants, and lessen your impact on the destination overall. Avoid large groups and gatherings when in destination, and stay up to date on the current restrictions for travelling with others outside of your household. 

Batch 44 Brewery in Sechelt. Photo: Geoff Tomlin-Hood

Practice Responsible Tourism

Being conscious of our impact while travelling and practicing responsible tourism ensures there is a positive impact for everyone involved—both residents of the Sunshine Coast and visitors alike. You may need to take more time with planning, or be prepared to research and have a back-up in case your first option doesn't pan out. Respect the guidelines and protocols that local Sunshine Coast businesses have put in place. Our 'Know Before You Go' page is a helpful resource as you start to plan your trip. 

Support Local

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the tourism industry. By supporting local, you help to keep dollars in our communities and ensure the recovery of our small businesses and local economies. As we look forward to spring and summer, Sunshine Coast businesses are ready to welcome visitors again. Your support helps make their recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 possible! Find other ways to support British Columbia's travel industry

Share Space

If an area on the Sunshine Coast is congested, be patient or change your plans. As restrictions loosen and communities welcome back travellers, some destinations may experience a greater-than-average influx of visitors this spring and summer. Remember to share space with others, and if you prefer a little extra space, plan to travel during non-peak times and seasons. 

Leave No Trace

While exploring the Sunshine Coast, remember to leave it better than you found it. Doing so will help to ensure future visitors can enjoy the Sunshine Coast for generations. What does this look like? Respect local wildlife. Minimize the impact of campfires and check BC Wildfire Service for fire bans and fire safety tips. Pack out what you pack in, and dispose of waste properly. Don't disturb sensitive ecosystems and flora and fauna. Respect any trail, beach, park, or local area closures as posted. Educate yourself about Leave No Principles, and learn how you enjoy the outdoors responsibly while minimizing your impact on the landscape. 

Humpback Whale on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Nathaniel Atakora

Be AdventureSmart

No matter what outdoor activity you are planning, be prepared. Remember to follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials. AdventureSmart.ca is a great resource for information before heading outdoors.

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Coastal

Like you, we’re passionate about exploring the Sunshine Coast BC—remember to be kind, be calm and be coastal. By keeping these travel tips in mind, we can all enjoy the Sunshine Coast this summer.