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Savary Island

savaryWith the warmest water north of Mexico (thanks to the warm southern tide) and ring of gleaming white sand beaches Savary Island is a little piece of paradise. If you are seeking a real getaway in a sub-tropical setting Savary Island is a perfect destination for you.

Savary Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Straight of Georgia. It is located at the entrance to Desolation Sound and is accessible by float plane, boat, barge or water taxi from Lund. Savary Island is 7.5 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide at the widest point. Savary is known for its white sand beaches, beautiful swimming waters and stunning ocean and mountain views.

The island has no power and no public campsites or washrooms. Overnight visitors are welcomed, however, at several accommodations including a resort, vacation rentals, B&Bs, and a private campsite. Daytrippers can be dropped off and picked up at the public wharf, with many visitors arriving by water taxi or aboard chartered boats from Lund Marina. The best way to get around is to cycle from beach-to-beach. Prime stops include South Beach, Duck Bay, Sutherland Beach and the Malaspina Promenade. Savary Island is home to a range of highly sensitive ecosystems from sand cliffs to dune meadows and ancient forested dunes. 

Get to Savary


To get to Savary Island, you must first get to the town of Lund which is the furthest point of Highway 101, the "end of the road".  You can then take a water taxi to complete your journey to Savary Island.

DRIVE TO LUND:  If you are coming to Lund from Vancouver, go to the BC Ferries terminal at Horseshoe Bay.  Pay the toll then take the ferry (40-minute crossing) to Langdale. Follow Highway 101 along the Sechelt Peninsula to Earls Cove and take another ferry (no toll, 50-minute crossing) to Saltery Bay.  Continue traveling north on scenic Highway 101, through the city of Powell River, until you reach Lund

Or, if you are traveling from Vancouver Island, go to the BC Ferries Comox/Courtney terminal at Little River, pay the toll then catch the BC Ferries to Powell River (Westview). After you exit the ferry, turn left at the traffic lights.   You will find yourself northbound on scenic Highway 101 (aka Marine Avenue).  Follow this road through the city of Powell River until you reach Lund.

**Please note, reservations on BC Ferries are available and highly recommended for those travelling on peak sailing times, such as holidays and July/August.

Pacific Coastal Airline flies directly into Powell River from Vancouver.  You can rent a car at the airport.

BUS TO LUND: BC Transit Bus Service operates a bus from Powell River to Lund on Tuesdays and Fridays, otherwise a taxi will take you to Lund.



BC Ferries

Lund Water Taxi (Advanced Reservations required)

Savary Island

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