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52 Weeks of Trails - Week 24 - Powell River Sea Walk

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ase you missed it, we've introduced our challenge to you for 2014-- 52 Weeks of Trails.  Each week we'll blog about a trail (hike, bike, snowshoe, and paddle!) and we hope you enjoy and share your experience with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram using #52weeksoftrails.  Happy Trails!

Week #24 - Powell River Sea WalkPR Sea Walk1 
This is a very popular walk due to its location and low difficulty level.  As soon as you pull up to the small parking lot that sits just before the mouth of the trail, you should already be seeing locals and tourists alike.  All along this 1 km (about 20 minutes) route that is beautiful in its simplicity you have a great close-up view of the Strait of Georgia, especially at high tide! You can also see three of Powell River’s closest islands: Texada, Harwood, and just a peek at Savary.

Make sure you bring a friend because this trail is ideal for socializing while going on this relaxing little stroll on a nice sunny day! Or, if you feel like going for a wee little jog, the Sea-Walk is also a fantastic place to get your daily exercise!

PR Sea Walk2Where the paved path comes to a stop is largely considered “the end” of the Sea-Walk. However, if you have some time to kill or you just can’t get enough of the waterfront here, you can continue on the path less trod. There is a small dirt trail that continues on past the sea walk that eventually leads to open beach down on the shoreline and eventually private property, so don’t go too far!

Funds are currently being raised in an effort to extend the route, so be sure to meander back to Powell River to check out the new and improved Sea-Walk.

Directions from the Powell River Visitor's Centre:
PR Sea Walk Map
 ·         1. Head south on Joyce Ave toward Egmont St
·         2. Turn right onto Egmont St
·         3. Take the 1st left onto Michigan Ave
·         4. Michigan Ave turns right and becomes Fairmont St
·         5. Turn left onto Marine Ave
·         6. Take the 1st right after turning off of Fairmont St. 

Geocaches: There are 2 geocaches along the trail, don't miss out on the fun!

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